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The science of modern cremation was first introduced in Europe in 1869 and in 1876 in this country. It was a Worcester man, Dr. John Marble, who, as early as 1885, fostered its advantages nationally. Rural Cemetery installed its first crematory in 1942.

Before cremation can take place, the following properly signed documents must be presented at the crematory. A Massachusetts Burial Permit from the Board of Health, the Medical Examiner's Certificate and the Authority to Cremate signed by a member of the family or legal representative of the deceased. A period of 48 hours must also pass.

Columbarium Once cremation has been completed, the cremains are ready to be interred in a family lot or interred in our newly established columbarium. You may wish to select an urn from our large inventory.

Our crematory has recently been renovated to house the latest equipment. You are welcome to visit our clean modern facility to learn more about cremation.

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